Why WordPress

WordPress is a free, open source content management system (CMS) written in the PHP and JavaScript languages. It powers more than 31% of the top 10 million sites on the web and is actively developed by a voluntary community.

Why is WordPress Valuable?

As an open source project, WordPress benefits greatly from a widely distributed developer community working to improve the software. New features, performance improvements, and security patches are constantly being worked on, and a frequent release cycle (every 3–4 months) ensures improvements are always available. WordPress also has a strong commitment to backwards compatibility, ensuring that costly migrations to the latest versions are not required. WordPress’ ecosystem also includes a huge community of users and its popularity means many people are already familiar with the interface, reducing the time required to onboard new users.

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Our work process

The key to delivering a great website requires a solid understanding of what our client needs. Every WordPress agency has its own process, we break our development process down to 6 key stages. We use a hybrid agile project management approach.

Project Kick Off

During this project kickoff, we sit down with your team in person or via Skype, to gather details for the project on a more granular level. We will also break down the project timeline with milestones, coordinate asset access and finalise the statement of work.

UX & Sitemap

After our kick-off meeting, our team will draft a sitemap with SEO in mind. This outlines how the user will navigate the website and how search engines will crawl the content. Then we will outline the UX of each page template with functionality and how this affects the user journey.


The wireframes are often considered the “blueprint” of a website. During this phase, we begin sketching out each page and the modules in a crude format digitally, also known as “low fidelities”. As we progress through this phase your team will see a “prototype” of your website come to life via the Invisonapp.

UI Design

After we lock in the low fidelity wireframes we begin the UI  (User Interface) design phase. Our team takes the wireframes and begin designing “high fidelity wireframes” by adding images, colours, placeholder copy, and typography in line with your brand guidelines.


Once high fidelities are approved for production, we move into the development phase. Our designers hand over the designs to our developers who begin coding and building the technical infrastructure within the WordPress CMS.

Content & Testing

Our developers will release fully developed pages to you one by one on a staging environment as they become available.  At this point, you will be able to see and test your website on a beta staging website whilst we populate your website with final copy and imagery.


After fixing any bugs, we prepare to deploy your website onto a live URL. Our developers will arrange hosting, DNS records, archive your old website and prepare an SEO migration so you don’t lose rankings. Once your team gives us the green light, we deploy your new website to the world wide web!

Our Certifications


Open Source

Unlike most enterprise CMSs, WordPress is open source software: it can be used by anyone for free. Open source software benefits from continuous improvement by anyone in the world, encouraging multiple and diverse approaches and perspectives to common problems. The open nature of its codebase makes WordPress one of the most-reviewed pieces of software in the world.


WordPress’ codebase is regularly audited by a large community of expert volunteers and professionals. Unlike closed source software, WordPress is publically reviewed by thousands of developers worldwide, significantly limiting security issues. Our team include members of the WordPress core security team, who regularly contribute fixes for security issues and audit new code before it’s merged with WordPress.


WordPress includes comprehensive theme and plugin APIs, which allow for extreme flexibility. There are currently over 50,000 free plugins and over 2,500 free themes. And these themes and plugins only scratch the surface of what’s possible with WordPress. With the full flexibility of the theme and plugin APIs, WordPress can integrate with any other software.


Since we work with a variety of small to medium-sized business, we understand that you have to stick to your budget. We offer tiered pricing that helps stick to those budgets.

The bronze tier is for clients on a lean budget, who need help getting their business online and are willing to do some of the work themselves. This tier includes a crash course in WordPress so you will have the knowledge and skills needed to make web pages and content edits yourself.

The silver tier is for clients who want to be more hands-off during the creation of the website and need a fully functioning website upon delivery but are still cautious of price. These websites will often we developed from existing templates or module builders that cut down on our developers time/cost.

The gold tier is our fully bespoke web build service. We spend time strategising, designing, and developing completely bespoke modules and web pages. This tier is for clients who want a website that stands out from the rest, is scalable, fine-tuned for business purpose, optimised for SEO and fully deployed with content/imagery populated.

With 5+ years of WordPress experience. Your satisfaction with our website is our primary goal!


Template Set Up

WordPress Installation

Customisation of 3 pages

Navigation and Sitemap setup

WordPress Crash Course


Everything in Bronze +

Customisation of 8 pages

Content population

SEO set up

Staging environment


Everything in Silver +

Bespoke design

Bespoke development

Advanced cutom fields

Content creation

*All prices are starting points and are subject to further scoping for a statement of work.